Parallels Explorer is gone, Parallels Mounter is the new kid

It’s a tool I rarely use, Parallels Explorer. It enables you to browse a Virtual Machine Disk from OSX without booting the whole Virtual Machine. Today I needed the tool, but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Tried Google and searching the Parallels Support Forums, but nowhere any explanation where the Parallels Explorer could be found. So I started a chat with Parallels Support, and it appears that Parallels Explorer was available in Parallels Desktop 4.0. In Parallels Desktop 5.0 it is replace by a tool called Parallels Mounter. You don’t start it directly from your Applications folder, but you can select it from the Open With… list after you’ve right-clicked the VM Harddisk in Finder.
As I couldn’t find this information myself via Google, I hope this post will help anybody in search for Paralells Explorer.