Switching to Git

I’ve been using subversion for a very long time. During that period I’ve got several people and one company hooked on this version control system after I got frustrated with SourceSafe. SourceSafe was the only version control software developers on the Microsoft platform knew, if they did any. For those people subversion was a giant leap, but once they saw it in action on they’re large .net projects they were sold.
Once I moved to the Mac OS X platform subversion happily travelled along for my local version control.
I’ve always had two main frustrations with subversion:

  1. In a local situation you are stuck with a directory on your system which doesn’t contain anything sensible: your local repository
  2. It is not easy to convert a local directory to a working copy under version control (add/commit/checkout)
    Now I’ve switched to Git and I will undoubtly find issues using it, but so far my two main frustrations are solved with three lines of code
    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m "First commit"