JetBrains is creating a Team Development System

My former colleagues at Info Support have it for some time now and sell it as part of their Endeavour offering.
I’ve implemented multiple variations, always with the help of the popular CruiseControl.Net
Microsoft has one named Visual Studio Team System
There used to be an initiative for an Open Source variant name NTeam but it appears to be dead.

Now apparantly the people at JetBrains (of IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper fame) are building one as well. A Team Development System called TeamCity. From the webpages I conclude that they are implementing a distributed team environment which picks an available build server to run the next build on, and it will both build .Net and Java projects. Looks promising, I’ll keep an eye on it.

Let's get started

Back from vacation and ready to go. Welcome on my Blog.

This is the first ever public blog I’m running. Not that this is my first blogpost, I used to work for a company where every employee has his own blog and loved sharing information that way.

I work for LogicaCMG in the Netherlands as a Microsoft Consultant and for the past decade I’ve been building, designing, teaching, presenting and architecting software systems on the Microsoft platform. Starting at VB4 16-bit in 1996 up till the .Net framework 3.0 now and I ain’t gonna quit very soon :-)